Essential Info



The team at Wraysbury want to ensure that your days diving with us is an awesome experience whether your teaching, assisting, learning or diving for fun and with all that in mind we offer the following.

Kit Hire - Want to dive but need kit? You can hire pretty much everything from us including Cylinders, Drysuits, Semi-Dry Suits, Fins, Weights and Bcd's.

Breathy Stuff - Need gas or cylinder fill? Our pump monkeys are happy to oblige whether its just air or maybe something more exotic like nitrox, trimix or pure oxygen for the rebreather divers amongst us.

Classroom Hire - Our classroom is available to hire all year round and has lots of toys for you to wow your students with including our rather snazzy smartboard.

Confined Water Area - Fed up of never having enough time in the swimming pool or having to work your courses around aqua aerobics or the under 11's swimming gala? The Confined Water Area at Wraysbury fits the criteria for all confined water sections of pretty much every training organisation. 

Emergency Information - Are you a Rescue Diver or Divemaster putting together your emergency assistance plan? Then click the link for some of the information you might need. We say some as you have to do a little bit of work.

Map - Want to plan your dive or see what's down there? Check out the map where you will see we have more platforms than you can shake a student at not to mention all the bits. And we are always adding more.

The Main Building - Our main building is open to all divers both wet and dry and heated all year round. In here you will also find our Bar open from Noon and Shop where you can replace what you lost, broken or forgotten.

Food and Drink - Our food is awesome and is available from 9am everyday. And don't forget Arthur's special every Wednesday night (Once the late night Wednesdays begin) 


Can't find the anwer to your question? Then give us a call on 01784488007