Food & Drink

The kitchen opens at 9am everyday (maybe a little earlier if your lucky) offering some awesome culinary delights created by our team of onsite chefs!

all day breaksfast 5.75
bacon sandwich 2.50
sausage sandwich 2.50
egg sandwich 2.00
sausage and bacon sandwich 3.60
bacon and egg sandwich 3.00
sausage and egg sandwich 3.00
sausage, bacon and egg sandwich 4.40
beefburger 2.80
cheeseburger 3.20
bacon cheeseburger 4.20
cornish pasty 2.75
cheese and onion pasty 2.75
jumbo sausage roll 2.25
chips 2.00
cheesy chips 2.75
cheesy chips and beans 3.25
loaded nachos for one 3.90
loaded nachos to share 6.50
salsa nachos for one 3.50
salsa nachos to share 6.00
onion rings and BBQ dip 2.50
homemade soup and bread 2.95
bread and butter 0.50
pringles 1.25
chocolate bars 0.75
warm muffin 1.50
warm muffin and ice-cream 2.50


tea 0.75
speciality tea 1.10
coffee 1.00
decaffinated coffee 1.30
hot chocolate 1.30
cold cans 0.90
still mineral water 1.35
ribena 1.15
orange juice 1.20
j20 1.95
Fancy a beer after your days diving? The Scu-Bar is open from 12 noon everyday. All we ask you finish your diving before hitting the drink!
And don't forget Arthur's special (yes he is special!) every Wednesday when our late nights are running.