Confined Area Hire

'The Swimming Pool'

confined-training-300x203We understand that swimming pool hire can be expensive and finding the right time slots can be difficult.  So we built our very own confined water area to provide a swimming pool like environment that can be used all year round without having to work round a busy leisure centre.

Our confined area is perfect for the Confined Water Sessions for the Open Water Course, Dry Suit Orientations for Dry Suit courses and general practice to sharpen your awesome skills!

Often being a bit of a sanctuary for the perch(until the pike find out where they’re hiding) it’s makes a great, safe environment for students to train in.  And the bonus ball is that, unlike other confined training areas*, it won’t rip the bottom out of your drysuit!

For information on hiring our lovely ‘swimming pool like environment’, give us a call.  The Confined area is free to use during the week and costs £10 per hour at weekends.  Pre-booking is essential as watching instructors fight over it is not much fun!

*as seen on TV