Equipment Hire


hire suitWe have the following equipment available to hire.  The scientific latin names have been supplied to aid familiarity for you new Open Water divers:-

                    • Cylinders/Tanks/Bottles – £10 (inc first air fill)
                    • Semi-dry Suit inc hood (Anti-Freezy Device) – £15
                    • Bouyancy Control Device (UDD – Uppy Down Device) – £10
                    • Regulators (BTT – Breathy Tubey Things) – £15
                    • Weight & Belts (ST – Sinky Thing) – 50p per kg (max 12kg)
                    • Full Kit Hire (The Works – must be said in deep gravelly voice to show you mean business!) – £50
                    • We don't hire out wetsuit boots, gloves or masks....but these are available in the shop.
Prices are for a days hire.  The items we don’t hire out are wetsuit boots, masks or gloves (we do have nice new ones available to buy in the shop).  You will need to fill in some paperwork and unfortunately due to the replacement cost of new equipment against the possible amount of thieving sods out there, equipment isn’t authorised to leave site. Essentially because our insurance company laughed at us before putting the phone down, this is why we need a credit/debit card as a security deposit on all hire items. Kit hire is on a first come first served basis but we’ve never run out yet! And again, due to the lack of credit card swipey machine we can only accept cash.