Breathy Stuff


Not only are we abundantly blessed with lots of the fresh stuff around the lake, we have three compressors that can squeeze it up into 400 bar tiny chunks for your convenience. All of our air squeezey machines are double filtered and exceed British Standard requirements for clean air and, unlike bottled water, it doesn’t have a best before date! (although, unfortunately, your tank does). We have two pricing levels, one for our loyal Wraysbury Dive Centre customers who obviously can’t get enough of the stuff and one for people just passing through (I’m sure you’ll work out which is which!) -

                  • 3 litre £3.00 / £4.50
                  • 7 litre £3.00 / £4.50
                  • 10 litre £3.50 / £5.00
                  • 12 litre £3.50 / £5.00
                  • 15 litre £4.00 / £5.50
                  • 300 bar £8.00/£10.00

hire mixesMixed Gases

If you are very patient we can fill your needs and desires and your cylinders with squeaky stuff.  All gas fills are done on a next day pick up basis.  You want accurate fills -we need the time to achieve this.

We have a haskel pump (a push me/pull you thingy) which means we can accommodate you super duper rebreather divers with your 200 bars of O2.

Unfortunately, due to our pumpmonkey’s not having been trained on the credit card swipey thingies we can only accept cash.