Covid-19 Wraysbury Dive Centre Site Rules

We are open 7 days a week but have reduced our opening times to 9am till 3pm (out of water) You are asked to read the following carefully before attending and adhere to all site rules (these and our normal rules) and instructions given by staff whilst here. You are also asked to ensure that you adhere strictly to government and training agency guidelines. If we all work together I am sure we can have a happy time getting back in the water. 

Please review this document again immediately before your visit as due to the ever-changing nature of the government guidelines we may have to change our procedures at short notice.

Please do not come to Wraysbury if you are suffering with any symptoms associated with Covid-19, flu, colds, if you feel unwell or if you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms or who has tested positive in the last 14 days.

Site General 

Numbers of people on site are going to be restricted to enable social distancing to occur. As a result only divers are allowed on site (no spectators, with the exception of one person as surface support per club or dive school). Please also do not use the site for dropping off or picking up equipment or materials.

No need to book in advance.  

Please do not arrive at Wraysbury Dive Centre early i.e. before 0900am. If you queue outside it upsets our neighbours and as such we have to ask to you move away and wait in the village. It also causes bad feeling when we have to ask you to move away which is unfair on our staff.

Please bring your £15 entry fee in the correct cash and have it ready on arrival. You will be asked to place this in a box. We are unable to accept card or pre-payments. 

Please park where and as directed

Please follow the ‘arrive, dive, leave,’ mantra. Unfortunately we cannot allow people to hang around chatting after dives. 

No dogs until further notice 

In line with government guidelines, please ensure that you stick to their specified group sizes.  This is your responsibility.  Instructors/Divemasters/Safety Divers cannot be shared across two groups who are on site at the same time as we cannot have anyone sitting around waiting for an Instructor/Divemaster/Safety Diver to exit the water.  We still need to stick to the arrive, dive, leave mantra. Please maintain social distancing wherever possible, this is your responsibility.

All litter is to be removed from site.

There will be hand santiser around the site. Please feel free to use.

Only one group/buddy pair to use the water entry/exit points at any one time. Please be patient with each other.

No equipment to be left at the water entry/exit points or on kitting up benches.


Food and drink is available from our hatch.

Again please bring cash for payment. 

Please queue using the markers outside of the hatch and step forward only when directed by staff.

Toilets and Changing areas

Our changing rooms will be closed until further notice. Please do not use them.  There is a modesty hut for changing outside.

Please do not use the toilet cubicles as changing rooms.

If the toilets are in use please queue outside of the building where markers are in place. Do not queue inside the toilet building or on the ramp as this will make social distancing impossible.

Please use hand sanitiser and wash hands when using the facilities.

Gas fills/Kit Hire

We are currently only able to provide air fills not nitrox, oxygen or trimix. 

We can now offer air fills even if you are not diving at Wraysbury from Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. Please bring a diving certification with you as we are only offering fills to divers.

Please follow the queuing system outside of the gas fill station if you are wishing to get gas fills or kit hire.

Please ensure your cylinder is free of other diving equipment before bringing it to the gas fill station.

Please follow all instructions given to you by staff as to when and where to move forward and leave/pick up your cylinder or equipment.

Please note that we cannot accept card payments due to problems with connectivity in our area. It would be appreciated if you could bring the correct payment to the gas fill station with you.

Please note that availability of kit hire may be restricted due to the long-time required for cleaning between uses. Please note as per usual we do not hire masks, boots, hoods, gloves or drysuits.

Main building/Shop

Our main building will be closed to customers with the exception of access to the shop. Please wear a face coverings when coming into the shop.

If access to the shop is required please alert the kitchen staff who will allow you in one person at a time. 


Please note that diver training should only be taking place if it complies with government rules and if your training agency and insurance company allow it. It is imperative you read your agency’s guidelines.  

Group sizes must adhere to government rules and must be risk assessed by the dive school.

All persons within a group must be getting in the water at the same time to avoid persons waiting around unnecessarily on site.

Training must follow social distancing rules at all times.

All schools and clubs are responsible for their own first aid provisions including oxygen and also kit cleaning provision.

No cleaning fluids to be disposed of on-site as it can be harmful to the environment.

These rules have been put in place for the safety of everyone, both customers and staff. They may be subject to change as government and scientific advice changes. Please stick to the rules to avoid staff being put in the uncomfortable and unfair situation of having to ask persons to leave.

PADI Open Water

If you have always wanted to learn to scuba dive, the PADI Open Water course is where it starts………for just £425 all inclusive!

Alternatively learn with a friend and pay just £375 each all inclusive!

Reasons to be cheerful……

·        Our courses are taught in one Wraysbury Dive Centre.

·        More in water time than any other dive school…who wants to sit in a classroom all day?

·        All equipment, air fills, learning materials, logbook, certification and entrance to Wraysbury Dive Centre is included in the course price. No hidden extras!

·        Our instructors are full time professionals with over 20 years teaching experience.

·        We use the latest and best equipment.

Once you have completed the course with us you will be a PADI Open Water Diver with the skills and confidence to dive anywhere in the world (PADI is recognised around the globe) to 18 metres with a buddy!

The PADI Open Water course consists of three main phases -

·        Knowledge development to understand the basic principles of scuba diving.

·        Confined water dives to learn basic scuba skills. We use our own custom built facility…no public swimming pools for us!

·        Open Water dives to review your skills and explore the underwater world!

·        And that’s it - you are a PADI Open Water Diver!

You will be taken through these steps by our team of experienced Instructors, at your pace, in a relaxed, fun environment. Our unique location means all your training is done in one place..which means more time in the water for you!

The PADI Open Water course is run over four days normally, the first two weekends of each month.  We can, however, put together a bespoke course to fit your busy life!

Kids can take the full PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification course and upon completion will become Junior Open Water Divers with certain age limitations for scuba diving:

·        Junior Open Water Divers ages 10-11 years old must dive with a PADI Professional or certified parent/guardian. Dives must not exceed 12 metres /40 feet.

·        Junior Open Water Divers ages 12-14 years old must dive with a certified adult.

So what do you need to become a diver?

- Be over 10 years old

- Complete the PADI Medical Statement

- Come down to the dive centre to collect your homework and meet the team.

- Your swimming trunks/swimming costume and a towel

- Thats it! We supply everything else!

-  Bring plenty of enthusiasm!

When does the course run?

- The PADI Open Water course takes four days

- We run the course over the first two weekends of every month (all year round)

- Or we can organise a bespoke course to fit your timetable

Give us a call on 01784 488007  to book your course.


PADI Open Water Course  (First two weekends of the month)   


PADI Open Water Course (You set the timetable)


PADI Open Water Course for you and a friend (Must start and finish the course together)


Online Scuba Course

Online Scuba Diver Course
Want to explore the underwater world but don't think you have time for the homework?
The online scuba course allows you to complete your homework online wherever you can connect to the world wide web. Once you have completed the online bit we take you diving!
Our Online Open Water Scuba Diver course covers all the neccessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving including-
  • The aquatic environment
  • Physics and physiology
  • Dive equipment selection and use
  • Dive planning
  • Basic scuba skills
  • And much, much more.....

The practical porion of the course ( so the diving bit) takes a minimum of 3 days and takes place on the third and fourth weekend of each month.

Alex Dynamic

Upon completion you will be able to go diving anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 metres with a buddy.

Course requirements-

Age- 10 -110

The online scuba course costs £399 if completed on the third and fourth weekend of the month or for £599 we can create a bespoke course to fit your busy life, this includes -

  • Equipment hire
  • Air fills
  • Entrance to Wraysbury Dive Centre for the duration of the course
  • Logbook
  • Online code

To sign up all you need to do is give us a call today to pay a £70 deposit and within 24 hours you will recieve an online code so you can start your underwater adventure!

For more information or to sign up call one of our dive team today on 01784 488007.

 Other Online Scuba Course are available including
  • Computer Nitrox Diver
  • Advanced Adventure Diver
  • Underwater Navigation Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Drysuit Diver
  • Solo Diver

Want to know more give us a call on  01784 488007


Elizabeth Austin RNLI Lifeboat - ON547

Running a wreck diver course?

Looking for something with a bit of history to explore without going out to sea?

Thanks to an extensive study by Brian Minehane we now have an historic shipwreck of our own.

The Elizabeth Austin Lifeboat was built in 1905 by the Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company. She was built for £846 11s and 4p (Approx £48,549.64 if built in 2005) through a legacy left by Ms Sarah Austin from Tottenham.

Her official number was ON-547 and she is a standard design self righter, pulling lifeboat measuring 35 feet in length with a beam of 8 feet 6 inches.

11043432 608791359265169 1378572641107516637 o

She was crewed by 13 men with 10 oars. Thomas Bowen, the coxswain of The Elizabeth Austin, was awarded the RNLI Bronze Medal for Gallantry after the rescue of the crew of The Conservator in 1919.

Brian has submitted the Elizabeth Austin into the National Historic Ships UK Register as they are running a photo competition for 2015. This means if she is accepted any photos you have of her can be entered into the competition - 

As part of his studies Brian has produced a book with a lot more information about the history of the amazing wreck. Feel free to have a read next time your at the dive centre.