Kit Hire

If you want to go diving but don’t have all the required equipment, you can simply rent it from us. So what do you need?
Air Containment Device (10 or 12 litre cylinder)
Air Containment Device (10 or 12 litre cylinder)£12
Large Air Containment Device (15 litre Cylinder)
Large Air Containment Device (15 litre Cylinder)£17
Breathy tubes (Regulators)
Breathy tubes (Regulators)£15
Uppy Downy Jacket (Bouyancy Compensating Device)
Uppy Downy Jacket (Bouyancy Compensating Device)£10
Concrete boots (Lead Weights/Belt)
Concrete boots (Lead Weights/Belt)£0.50 per kilo
Frogman Costume (Semi-Dry Wetsuit)
Frogman Costume (Semi-Dry Wetsuit)£20
Warmer Frogman Costume (Drysuit, including undersuit)
Warmer Frogman Costume (Drysuit, including undersuit)£40
You must hold a drysuit certification (BSAC divers must have proof of previous drysuit dives).
Flappy Things (Fins)
Flappy Things (Fins)£5
All our fins are open heel and require boots to be worn with them.
Posh Frogman Costume Insulation Provider (Undersuit)
Posh Frogman Costume Insulation Provider (Undersuit)£15
You must wear clothes underneath.

Full kit hire with a semi-dry suit is £60 and with a drysuit £75.

The things we don’t hire are wetsuit boots, masks, gloves, hoods, dive computers and compasses. These are available in our shop and lets be honest would you want to use a mask that’s been on someone else’s face?

If you are hiring a drysuit we require you to present a drysuit certification to our air pump Elf. Please don’t take offence if the our pump Elf wont accept that your mate showed you how a drysuit works as a relevant qualification.  Individuals from clubs such as BSAC will need to show previous use of drysuits through their logbook.  Instructors, if the drysuit is for a student you will need to present for the hiring of the suit to ensure all parties are happy.

We do not operate a pre-booking system for equipment.  You simply turn up on the day, complete a Hire Agreement Form where you agree not to do rude things with our kit or pee in our wetsuits.  We also ask for a bank or credit card to leave as a security deposit. Our pump elf is not equipped with a card machine so we ask that all kit hire and air fills are paid in cash.

Also of interest is that we are a test centre for some of the major manufacturers such as Apeks/Aqualung, Mares, Ratio and Suunto.  If you are looking to buy your own toys and would like to have a play before you buy let us know and you might get lucky.