Cylinder Servicing

Our in-house servicing wizards offer a variety of cylinder servicing including-

  • Hydrostastic Cylinder Test (the one where we fill it with water and hope it doesn't go bang) - £50
  • Visual Cylinder Inspection (the one where we look inside and make sure it won't go bang when filled with air)- £40
  • O2 Cylinder Clean including valve (the one where we clean it and make it all shiny and clean ready for the magic that is oxygen) - £30

All servicing includes valve and where required manifolds. If your twinsets need servicing there is an additional fee of £25 as they are big, heavy, need dismantling and putting back together.

All our servicing is carried out here at Wraysbury Dive Centre in a custom built cave for the wizards to work safely and listening to elvish folk music.

It takes the wizards approximately 2 weeks to service cylinders, and unlike Kwik Fit we will let you know if any additional work is required before we go ahead.

Simply contact us to book your servicing in and complete the booking form.